Addiction Revelations

Writing about addiction and recovery isn’t always as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be. But it can be gratifying. Talking about addiction isn’t always my favorite thing to do, however I am glad that it’s helped people—both addicts and non-addicts–understand more about addiction and how it affects them–either as the addicted one or the person affected by someone struggling with addictions. I think we pretty much all fall into one of those two categories—addicted or affected by addiction.

There are times when I feel disconnected, even callous. There are other times I feel way-too-in-tune with every little thing around me.


I don’t hide who I am.

Since I got clean and sober, I no longer pretend. I’m free from hiding who I am. While this freedom provides great benefits, it also comes with unintended consequences. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. Sometimes, who I am scares people. Other times, my story about overcoming my addictions inspires them and gives them hope–either for themselves or for someone they care about deeply. I lean in favor of being honest and open about who I was and who I am now.

Lot’s of addiction stories don’t end well. 100 people die every day because of their addiction. That’s about 1 person every 15 minutes (if I did my math right).

A recent study estimates that nearly 21 million people living in America, over the age of 12, are addicted. That number doesn’t include tobacco.

Addiction can end well. That’s part of my motivation for sharing my own story–to let people know they can get out alive.


Do you or a loved one need help with addiction?

Find help here.

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