Evening Prayer | Evening 2

During his lifetime, David Adam, writer and priest, has ministered to thousands of people. Among his many writings, we find prayers like the one we focus on tonight. God knows our innermost secrets and hears our deepest internal cries. We can rest with ease because He is with us even when we slumber.


Many people have difficulty sleeping. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects roughly 60 million Americans and cost an estimated 225 lost days of productivity. The main cause of sleepless nights is credited to psychological conditions. Treatment involves behavioral changes, therapies, and medications. Our super busy lives leave us wrestling with unresolved stress and battling anxiety riddled fears. This can make it flat out difficult to sleep. But God offers us a solution: resting in Him. Before we lay down at night, it is important to set up routines. One of those routines should be taking our burdens and cares to God and laying them at His feet (and leaving them there).

May you end your day like you begin your day: immersed in prayer.

Evening Prayer Slide



  1. bgddyjim says:

    Great post, man. I needed this one. Thank you!

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  2. My pleasure brother. Glad this post hit the spot.

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