Evening Prayer 7 | Forgiveness

Forgiveness is fundamental to living a godly life that is filled with abundance. Forgiveness helps us cash in the riches of joy and love. When we need healing and restoration for the words we said, both to others and ourselves, prayer is the place we must start.

The tongue is a powerful tool. You can weaponize it and destroy others. Once the words leave your lips, you can’t unsay them. How you speak to yourself matters too. Your self-talk can damage your self-image and demolish your self-confidence.

Do you need to forgiveness for yourself today?

evening prayer forgive yourself


Heavenly Father, hallowed be your name on Earth as it is in Heaven. I know that words matter. I realize that the names I call myself matter. I ask your forgiveness for the negative, harmful words I have spoken today. I ask for your forgiveness for the mean, harsh words I spoke to others. I pray for your forgiveness for the harmful way I spoke to myself today. I don’t want to abuse others. I don’t want to abuse myself. You knit me together in a wonderful, beautiful way. Transform my heart and my mind so that I use my tongue to speak truth and favor into my life. In Jesus’ name, by the power of the Spirit. Amen.


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