So You’re New Here?

Welcome to The Devotional Guy™, a personal blog ministering to a world hungry for encouragement and thirsty for inspiration.

So you’re new here?

Great! I’m glad you found this blog amid the sea of 500 million blogs populating the world-wide-web. I’ve collated several posts that hopefully will provide you with a big picture view of what this blog is all about. Please spend a little time exploring this blog and getting familiar with the different topics I cover.

About me:

I am a Swiss-born, German dude who grew up in the piney woods of East Texas and now calls the Dallas-Fort Worth area home. Writing inspirational, encouraging, and refreshing words is my ministry calling. Devoted to Christ, I hope to share the love of Jesus with you, regardless of your belief system or faith background. I’m happy to meet you just where you are. It’s how Jesus met me. My life has had its shares of ups and downs and upon intense meditative reflection, I discovered the God of the Universe has been with me on the journey all along.

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The Devotional Guy™

Read these Posts:

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From Sunday morning, December 29, 2013

Rainer and Terri OCC

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12 Steps

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Come on in and sit a spell. Inside these posts, you’ll meet the love of my life-Sweet T, my mom, our family and friends, and our four-legged Gang of 5. You’ll learn about the passions of our life–like the ministry to the homeless and to children around the globe. We’ll wrestle with addiction and recovery. After all, we’re all recovering from something. We’ll examine the truths, doctrines, and dogma of faith. And, we’ll discuss what it looks like to live as a person of faith in the 21st century.

Join me as I explore living as a Christian in the 21st century!


The Devotional Guy™


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