The COVID-19 Devotionals | My Monday Morning Cup

We’ve lasted through another week of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic sledgehammer crushing the global economy. Here in America, over 20 million people are now unemployed that had a job just a few weeks ago. The death toll in the US is approaching 40,000 as I write this post. Globally, there are nearly 2.4 million confirmed cases and over 160,000 people are dead as a result of contracting the coronavirus that virtually no one knew about as we rang a new decade. But the news isn’t all bad. Nearly 600,000 are recovering from COVID-19 and social distancing along with people staying home is flattening the curve.

Every day, we hear another story about a heroic nurse, medic, or doctor doing there best to save lives on the frontline of this pandemic. Nursing home workers are continuing to care for the sick and elderly in their units, many of whose preexisting conditions make them ideal targets for this deadly virus. We also see stories on social media and the local news about community and neighborhood heroes finding unique ways to demonstrate compassion and kindness to others. In the middle of the gloom and doom that the virus has wrought are incredible lights of goodness and glimpses of humanity at its best.

My prayer for today, in light of these momentary afflictions, is more praise than a plea. It is a prayer proclaiming gratitude and thankfulness for all those who put themselves in harm’s way and for the multitude determined to do good in the midst of this pandemic. I’d ask that you join me praying this prayer to God, however it is that you understand God to be. While we may not all agree on everything about God, we believe with confidence that there is a power greater than ourselves that will see us through this storm.


A Prayer

God, we sing Your praises today and every day for You are great, compassionate, and kind. You are generous beyond measure and able beyond imagination. We thank You, God, for Your abounding and unending love for us. We lift up the heroes that we’ve seen working on the frontlines of this pandemic that has seized our world and stalled our economy. We thank You for their willingness to put themselves in harm’s way day after day after day. We thank You for all the first responders, regardless of who they are or what their role may be during this crisis. There heart and compassion amaze us and we know that it can only come from You for You are the source of such heart and compassion. We are grateful for the community and neighborhood heroes who make us smile and remind us of Your goodness, O God. We pray for those afflicted by this disease and pray for their healing. We pray for those who are furloughed or who lost their job in this awful storm. We ask that You would comfort them during this trial and provide for their needs. We pray that You would lead us out of this calamity and onto the shores of peace, delivering us from this momentary evil while restoring us economically as well as physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We know You can God because You are a God who is able. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Reflection Questions:

How can you help those in your community or neighborhood during this crisis?

Who can you encourage during this crisis?


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you prayed along with a heart of praise and compassion for those fighting hardest in this battle.

Be safe. Stay healthy. Keep praying.


The Devotional Guy™


ABOUT: The Devotional Guy™ is a writing ministry of Rainer Bantau, a seasoned gospel preacher, church musician, and chaplain ministering to individuals in their workplaces, to the homeless, and wherever he meets them. Highly skilled in listening, caring, and helping others as they navigate life’s challenges, he shares helps, hope, and insights on his blog, The Devotional Guy™.





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