Being the Change We Want to See

The uncertainity and unrest dominating this year either draw you closer to God or push you further away. For me, I defintely am drawn nearer to God.

The past few weeks, while my life has hovered in a holding pattern, I have spent time trying to listen to the Lord. I am reminded that God is in control and that He is on the move. Still, waiting on God can be hard in our gratification-now culture.

Doing a deep dive into Scripture, I see a God who is present and active in His creation. Taking it a level deeper, a study of the New Testament reveals the profound magnitude of God’s love for the people that inhabit the third rock from the sun. Paul’s letters written to the churches extol God’s unmerited grace and great love for you and me. Our Father in Heaven willing sacrificed His son, Jesus, so that you and I could experience an abundant, eternal presence with Him.

The good news is that you and I don’t have to live one moment apart from God because of the atoning and redemptive work of Christ on the Cross.

The Lord has done so much for us. He adopted us and gave us new life. God continues to love us abundantly and with full measure, despite our (my) shortcomings, flaws, and failures. How then shall we make a difference in the world we live?

As a result of experiencing God’s redeeming love you and I can (and must) accept one another in love, speak the truth in love, and live our lives in love. This is how we can be the change we want to see.

Are you willing to live life in accordance with God’s word and God’s will?

As a 21st century Christian man inhabiting a world desperately starving for God, my life needs to display a love for others and a oneness with God that is anchored in my unending love for Jesus. I must strive to be a source of salt and light to my neighbor. My life should point people to Christ. I must live in way that makes others want to have what I have rather than making them question if my life aligns with my faith. The Apostle Paul makes this abundantly clear in his writings to the church and the people of God. The challenge for us is to imitate Christ in such a way that others see Jesus reflected in us.

During this tumultous season boiling in turmoil, our mission–to make disciples—remains the same. How will you continue to show people the true source of faith, hope, and love you have experienced?

Keep the faith. Share the hope. Love one another.


The Devotional Guy™

More of Him, Less of me

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    More of Him, less of me… I love it.

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  2. Lily Pierce says:

    A lovely, real, uplifting post…Amen!

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  3. Thanks for reading. Hope you are doing well during this continued craziness.

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  4. Thanks, Lily! I am grateful for your comments and for taking the time to read my post. Hope you are doing well amid this madness.

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  5. bgddyjim says:

    Like it’s not even there, man. The only difference is I wear a mask into the taco place when I pick up my lunch. That’s literally the only difference.

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  6. That’s fantastic! Sounds like you are truly blessed. I know a number of people who have been adversely impacted by all of it.

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  7. Lily Pierce says:

    Yes! I was a bit introverted anyway, so it wasn’t a drastic change to be home a lot. My outgoingness is mostly tied to ministry and mission work, and that is what I’m missing the most–though some of us at church are about to start a Nurture, Outreach & Witness (NOW) group to get back into being the hands and feet of Jesus, though we have new limitations to work around! How have you been?

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  8. That’s great to hear, Lily. I’m glad you are able to start that new ministry initiative. Yes, trying to stay genuinely connected as a church has been challenging during this season. I’m good. T and I just completed a 2 week self-quarantine, as did my Mom due to direct exposure. We fared well. Other people I know have suffered great loss. Ministry continues, so we press on. 😃


  9. In the time since I retired from teaching, God has opened my own eyes to a growth and maturity in my own faith. My blog uses a subtitle: A writer’s journey continues. It could also read: My faith journey continues.

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  10. Writing is very much a journey of faith, I think. It certainly is for me. I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment.

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