My Thursday Thoughts | How Technology is Influencing Our Faith in the 21st Century

What began as an oral tradition is increasingly growing into a digital asset. Technology is transforming how we read, study, memorize, and apply the Bible to our daily lives.

At my work, we leverage technology to help the homeless. Since I started at OurCalling, I have added to my repertoire of apps. These apps help me record data, perform tasks, and communicate effectively. At home, T and I use technology for a multitude of things, including Bible reading, memorizing Scripture, and collating prayer lists.

Two of my favorite Bible apps are the YouVersion Bible app and the Logos Bible Study Tools app.

The YouVersion Bible App: Featuring over 1,400 Bible translations, the Bible App allows users to share God’s love with friends, family, and other members of our individual communities.

Logos Bible Study Tools: Allows users to discover virtually any sermon ever preached about God, while also helping people deepen the study of God’s Word.

How are you employing technology to fuel your faith walk?

Technology is influencing how we access and study God’s Word in the 21st century. Below are several websites that I regularly use to dig into Scripture, grow closer to God, and prepare for sermons. These are websites that I also rely on for research in preparing my blogposts here on The Devotional Guy™.

Free Bible Commentaries and Bible Study Tools (

I’ve read that over 40% of Americans utilize apps to read and study the Bible. Apps and websites provide an abundance of material for devotionals and quiet time. They can also help us knit God’s Word deeper into our hearts. In places where getting a physical Bible in someone’s hand, audio bibles are proving to be a game changer.

As we continue to grow more connected digitally, Bible apps and websites are radically altering how we utilize God’s Word. What Bible apps do you use?

May the Lord bless you richly in the days ahead. Thank you for reading. Be sure to FOLLOW my blog.


The Devotional Guy™


  1. I use the Bible Gateway app most of the time.

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  2. I like Bible Gateway as well.

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