And just like that, in swoops April

Yesterday, I chatted with a guy convinced he is Jesus and later in the day, I learned I recently helped a suspect who police believe murdered another homeless man.

Welcome to April, friends.

I’d love to tell you that these type of occurrences are out of the ordinary, but they are not. They are part of the daily course of events caring for the burgeoning Dallas homeless population offers. Our local homeless population is growing at a faster clip than anywhere in the nation, including New York City and L.A.

The weather here is beautiful much of the year and there are plenty of amenities that make being homeless in Dallas more palatable than elsewhere like all the religious folk street feeding and handing out coats, blankets, socks, and other resources to make life on the streets easier and more comfortable. These well-meaning people don’t realize the gifts of their good intentions fuel peoples determination to stay on the streets. Worse yet, many of the things they provide are bartered for sex, drugs and other vices. You wouldn’t want your young son or daughter living on the streets of Big D. There is nothing awaiting them here but darkness.

You can read more about homeless life in Dallas, here.

You can get anything you want in Big D. The city, a prominent centrifuge in business, sports, politics and religion, masquerades as the capital of vice that makes Vegas seem tame. It’s like someone did a magic trick. Don’t look here. Look there! But it’s a slight of hand. If it’s happening, it’s happening in Dallas.

In addition to being home to the Dallas Cowboys, Big D is the adult entertainment capital of America. Texas reigns as the second largest hub for sex trafficking in America. Leading the pack in Texas, Dallas ranks as one of the nation’s top ten cities for sex trafficking. An estimated 400 young underage girls work the street nightly. Many are barely 13. But it’s not just the girls. Young boys are bought and sold on the streets of Big D every day, too.

K2, a synthetic cannabinoid, runs rampant here in Dallas, especially among the homeless population. A person’s response to K2 varies. A blend of plant-based herbs laced with chemicals created in a lab, the drug causes some users to act like zombies while others become highly agitated and extremely aggressive. You never know what you’re getting with K2 other than a wild ride.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this city. It’s one of the most unique places in the world to live. There’s some of everything here amid the concrete sidewalks and suburban neighborhoods. Opulent wealth? We got it. Abject poverty? We got that, too.

Well, that’s enough scattershooting for now.


The Devotional Guy™

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  1. And to think, every person living on the streets is somebody’s son or daughter. As Jesus taught, in the parable of the Good Samaritan, everyone is my neighbor. Yet, as you said, we shouldn’t enable folks to keep living destructive life styles. Blessings!

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  2. Tangietwoods says:

    Thank you for sharing and bringing more awareness.

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  3. You’re welcome!

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  4. Thanks for your insight into this.

    Andy B

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  5. My pleasure, brother.

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