Look out! Here comes May!!!

Don’t look now, but May is coming! Is it just me or is 2022 rushing by at what seems like the speed of sound?

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32 (ESV)

How different would your life be if you applied this verse to it? Be kind. Be compassionate. Forgive people.

There are people I know that are still holding on to anger from 30 years ago. It has impacted every part of their life. Home. Church. Work. Health. Marriage. Friendship. An unforgiving attitude ferments and sours until it becomes bitterness. It makes it practically impossible for us to be compassionate and kind to others because rage is the only color we see. Bitterness is a heavy burden to bear.

On another note, it’s really not that hard to be kind to people and to show compassion. You can express these the most simplest of ways. 1) Smile, 2) open the door for someone else, 3) say thank you, 4)greet people, or 5) simply do something nice for somebody else.

With the loss of common courtesy and everyday chivalry, we have also gotten out of the habit of simple kindness. In our age of narcissism, it’s hard to think of others because we’re too busy thinking about ourselves. Being kind and compassionate, nurturing a spirit of forgiveness, and developing a growing sense of humility demand an unselfishness that calls for small, daily sacrifices on our part.

Unselfish acts cause us to put others first; pausing to actually consider the impact we’re having as individuals on the life of someone else.

One smile from you can change so many things. Be kind. Be compassionate. Forgive.


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  1. Bitterness is like yeast, it may start out small but it permeates and overtakes everything else. Left unchecked it will ruin lives and relationships. 💔

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  2. Yes, indeed. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  3. Thank you for this post. I believe it is a very much needed reminder to be kind. It seems lately that everywhere I go, I encounter rude people. One day recently when I was leaving the grocery store, and I felt so down after the cashier had been short. I talked to God about it as I drove home. He spoke to my heart and told me that I can’t control others, but I can control my own attitude. And I realized that even when others are rude, God still calls me to smile and be nice to them. So now I try to remind myself of this and shower others with kindness. And who knows, if someone is having a bad day, maybe our kindness will help turn it around. So thank you for sharing this encouraging post! 😊

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    ROLLIN’ ONWARD!!!!!!

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  5. LOVE it! Thanks 🙏!

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  6. Yes, indeed—we need to act with grace and mercy regardless of others actions. But, I think busyness clips my wings and before I realize it I am no longer demonstrating the kindness—or any fruit of the Spirit—that I know I should as a follower of Jesus. Thanks for reading my post and for sharing your thoughts. Blessings 🙏

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  7. CG Thelen says:

    A couple weeks ago I was at a gathering where someone raged about things that happened 20, 30, and 40 years ago. It was so sad because he was totally consumed by bitterness. A couple of us tried to talk to him, tried to show him compassion, but he stormed off angry at the world. He continues to reject our help and has totally isolated himself. It breaks my heart to see him like this. I feel helpless. This forces me to lean on God and pray that he will change his heart.

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  8. Wow. Yeah, that’s heartbreaking CG. I have a friend who still lives in the past and is holding on to the thorn bushes from 30-40 years ago. Prayers and blessings. Thank you for sharing your insights.

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  9. Veronica says:

    I remember releasing that hurt to Jesus and feeling so light afterwards! Another thing that I believe goes very well with this: hurt people hurt other people. If we aren’t careful, bitterness can spread. Luckily, we have Jesus.

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  10. Yes, so true Veronica. Bitterness can become contagious. Oftentimes, the Gospel is more caught than taught. People see how we respond to the same dire situations they face. Thanks for reading my post and for sharing your thoughts. Blessings.


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