Will I Publish a New Post Today?

I’ve spent the week crafting 2-3 posts to publish next on my blog. This is not one of them.

Blogging consistently makes a difference in the quality of your posts and the amount of traffic your blog drives.

The more you write, the better you write. Writing takes practice. Blogging is a multifaceted medium that combines words and images. Developing your skills means you need to invest time in order to grow adept at crafting your posts. It’s not something that “just happens” anymore than you can pick up a paintbrush and be Picasso.

Posting consistently drives traffic because new material draws people’s attention, particularly if they regularly follow your blog. Consistency breeds engagement with your audience. They grow more comfortable with you over time and become more reticent to share their thoughts, insights, and experiences. Consistency builds trust. Trust translates into a growing audience and greater engagement.

The Devotional Guy™

This is all true of course if you aren’t a celebrity. If you’re any kind of famous and mildly influential then people will do all kinds of whacked out things to be part of your crew. Let’s face it: Matthew McConaughey can post about his favorite pretzel and draw more traffic than you and I can posting about anything.

So there it is: my post. Blogging, like any endeavor requires commitment and discipline if we are expecting any growth in either our writing or our audience.

Cheers to you as you pursue your blogging!

Feel free to engage me with your comment or hook me up with a “like.” 

The Devotional Guy™

Billy Strings covers “Simple Man”
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  1. I try to publish something everyday, I have a couple of weekly features & participate in a plethora of link-ups. The consistency and interaction with other bloggers have proved to increase traffic. However, my primary goal in blogging is th write/share what God brings to me. It is a work of love and devotion.

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  2. That’s awesome! Yes, I believe that sticking with your goal—staying on mission—is also key. We need always remember our “why” for what we do. Thanks for reading and sharing. Blessings.

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  3. I follow about 90 other bloggers, have a full time job, and spend 16-18 hours per week working on my master’s degree. I try to keep up with everyone, plus post once a week myself. However, if you publish a lengthy offering on a daily basis, I will find it hard to keep up.
    Maybe it’s just the way I roll, but quality trumps quantity when it comes to creating content. There’s no way I can churn out a top notch post on a daily basis—not with the rest of my life going on. Some weeks are easier the others, but posting every Saturday morning is even sometimes a challenge.

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  4. I agree, David. And to clarify, I don’t equate consistency with posting daily and I believe a big part of constancy is quality content. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Blessings.

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  5. Alan Kearns says:

    I read this and the comments with great interest. I am blessed in that I have lots of free time…all part of being disabled and a carer, work that one out haha. I am able to post most days but don’t on a Saturday. I find that the frequency of my posts has made writing easier, especially when I am struggling with my health. I am a believer in being ardent in quality checking what I write, in fact there are many posts that I have begun and then binned them. The way I see it is that what I write is my service to God, it is my duty to give Him My best. Thank you brother than prompting this wee reflection from me. God bless you today.

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  6. Alan-I’m so grateful for your response. I am finding the comments engaging, enlightening and encouraging. Blessings.


  7. Alan Kearns says:

    It would be even more convincing with my typos…haha 😁
    But in my defence it is late💤💤

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  8. Hahaha…yes I do that too. Fortunately, I have an excellent proofreader.

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  9. David, I’ve been thinking about your comment. For what it’s worth, I am planning on doing one post per week as well. I want it to be an excellent post rather than just something post-able. Due to other commitments and interests, this is not a season that affords me the ability to post more frequently. And I think that’s ok.

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  10. The word season is the one that came into my mind

    We all have all sorts of seasons in our life (oh that it were only 4)

    Andy B

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  11. Quality is always a big one for me. I don’t record a video without inspiration and, no matter how good it may have seemed as an idea, not everything is easy to put into words for others to read/watch and enjoy.

    I don’t follow quite as many blogs as I’d like, as I simply don’t inhave the capacity to read them all properly. By that I mean sitting and reading every word, not just skim reading it (I’m good at it, but it always feels like I cheat myself if I read too fast 🙂) and hit the like button to show I had read it.

    Also, for me, I spend so much time creating content (online ministry really is what I dedicate the bulk of my time to doing) that I enjoy just a few blogs which refresh me, and which don’t have videos as a key component. Again, because that is the bulk of what I do.

    I hope my reply adds to this really interesting comments section!

    I truly appreciate your style, your heart, your quality, your commitment. It all makes yours a blog I invest my time in to following, which means a blog I engage with by reading the words and letting them sink it.

    I’ve recently let myself skip past posts that don’t grab me, so I can fully engage with the ones that do – without engaging with people who I consider both my friends and my family!

    Andy B

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  12. Amen. Thanks Andy. I’m honored and humbled. Most of all, I’m grateful.


  13. Ranier, thanks for sharing. While I enjoy the blogging experience, my writing time will always be what I try to be about.

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