5 Things I Cherish as a Newly Naturalized American

On Tuesday, August 2nd, I happily became an American. After residing in the US for fifty years as a legal permanent resident, I proudly took my Oath of Allegiance and officially became a citizen.

In the days since, I have been processing what it means to be an American. The actual naturalization ceremony proved more powerful and overwhelming than I anticipated. I cannot adequately describe what it means to finally be an an American.

Becoming an American, for me, is more than checking the box and crossing a to-do off my list. It is a step that is showing itself to be far more transforming and life-changing. It has caused me to reflect and contemplate what to do with my newly acquired citizenship.

Thankfully, the Lord has already shown me, in His great kindness, several applications for upcoming sermons. People, through their generous encouragement and heartfelt congratulations, have made me realize the importance and impact of this moment, not only on my life. but theirs as well.

Five things I cherish as a newly naturalized American are 1) the Constitution, 2) the Declaration of Independence, 3) the Star-Spangled Banner, 4) the Pledge of Allegiance, and 5) freedom.

The last few mornings, in addition to my Bible reading, I have studied the words of our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. After I spend a few moments praying, I find myself reading the words of the Star Spangled Banner and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. These have proven to be powerful moments for me.

Through the naturalization process, I gained my full voice. Once I took the Oath of Allegiance and became an American, I realized that I had fully gained freedom. For the first time in my life, I could express myself as full-fledged American.

I look forward to what the Lord will continue to do in the days ahead with my new citizenship. I don’t doubt that He will use my story. My only question is how.

May the Lord shine His favor on you this week. And may God bless America.

The Devotional Guy™

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  1. Three cheers for you, Rainer. So many of us who are citizens by birth take our country for granted. God Bless you, and God Bless the 🇺🇸 USA.

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  2. Thank you, David. I feel like God has given me a new voice. This is such a great country to call home.

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  3. Congratulations! It’s ironic because so many of us don’t read the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. We were made to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school. The Star-Spangled Banner, we know part of it, but not all of it. As David said, many of us take our country for granted. And although America is not perfect, it is important to remember that we still have a lot more freedom than countless others across the globe. So thank you for sharing your insight and giving us perspective.

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  4. Amen, Bridget. You’re welcome. I’m honored to share this journey with others and grateful for the opportunity to add my voice to the conversation about what truly makes America a special place as well as a transformative idea.

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  5. I’m so encouraged by your testimony as a man of faith and an American Citizen!

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  6. That does my heart good. Thank you.


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