3 Key Things I Learned about Blogging this Summer

I wanted to get one last post in for the “Summer,” so I decided to do one on blogging. To be clear, I am no expert, but I have been blogging over a decade so I’ve surely picked up something along the way.

The last few months, my blogging routine feels like it has been feast or famine. Which, in my previous posts about blogging, I don’t recommend. But, this appears to be further proof that the more you think you know, the less you actually know. To be clear, I believe that having a consistent rhythm and routine to your blogging helps grow your blog. It is simply beneficial to blog consistently—and that may be once a week every Saturday or twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday. You may even feel led and have the capacity to post every day. I think that’s all SUPER COOL.

Here’s 3 key things I learned about blogging this Summer:

1. It’s perfectly okay to let your blog breathe for a moment. That’s right. Pause, don’t post. In recent weeks, I have witnessed readers discover older posts and engage with them, either through a like or by commenting. With so much content out there, I think our followers sometimes need a minute to catch up. This can prove very valuable because they tend to uncover nuggets and gems among the myriad of posts you’ve created. Don’t believe me? Try it.

2. Allow yourself time to plan your posts. Don’t be like me and just post something you wrote today at the last minute to fill some sort of caveman need to create content and splurge it into the blogosphere. While that may very well be what I’ve done here as I wait for my wife T and I’s mani-pedi appointment, that’s no way to blog. Trust me. Take time to plan your posts. Keep several ideas in your drafts folder and work on them. Have a plan. It matters.

3. You’re a better blogger than you think. It’s true. You are. And giving your blog some time to breath here and there, now and again, will show you what posts your readers most engage with and help identify topics they care about. Old content that stands the test of time, like fine wine, not only keeps getting better but shows you examples of your own writing that people can relate to and identify with. That’s what causes readers to keep coming back: a sense of belonging and community.

Me and the Incomparable T

Dear Reader: If I did a podcast, what should it be about? I’ve thought about doing one that focuses on worship music, like the videos of songs that I share. What do you think? Leave me your answer in the COMMENTS below.

Listen, I don’t know your “why” that causes you to blog. I do know mine. Furthermore, I recognize that my why and my how have changed over the years. Nothing makes progress like practice. Keep after it. You’ll be better for it. Perhaps, so will your readers.

I pray all the best for you on your blogging adventure. Have fun and enjoy the ride along the way.

Until next time, dearest blogger. May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.

Blog on!!!

The Devotional Guy™

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  1. Thank you for the encouragement. I do try to write my posts ahead of time. This helps me to not feel quite as stressed. And taking a breather every so often is a good point as well. As far as a podcast – I would say you can talk about anything that you normally talk about on here? Praise music is always a good topic too. If it is something that speaks to you, then I believe it will speak to your subscribers as well.

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  2. Love this

    We have a schedule on the desk next to our computer.

    Aside from errors (like accidentally posting 15 posts in one day – not all my fault) we stick to the schedule which hopefully ensures our posts come out spread fairly well across any 24 hour period).

    There’s some really great wisdom contained in your words here!!

    As for podcasts, there’s always room for more.

    We’ve been doing podcasting since we started Marriage Matters last year, and really enjoy what we put out that way.

    Andy B

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  3. Bridget—thank you for this great comment. I appreciate your insight and encouragement.

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  4. Wow 😮 15 posts in one day? Ouch and ooooops… yes I have nightmares of doing something like that but hey—-stuff happens. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Andy. I appreciate your honesty and humility.

    I guess I’m not sure whether or not I want to have a narrow scope -i.e. worship music—or cast a wider net—-like work-life-faith.

    I’m glad to hear there’s always room for more—with so much content out there it sometimes feels like most of us are lost drowning in the noise.

    Thanks for sharing bro and for commenting.


  5. Yes. Something like 15 posts…. It was a wordpress issue, but I felt terrible!

    There’s certainly a lot of noise doing podcasting. If you enjoy doing it, and feel called, it won’t matter how many others are doing it.

    Happy to chat about that if you want.

    We’ve learned to make it work for what we do, and I’m always happy to share what weve learner, mistakes and all.

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  6. Thanks Andy. I appreciate that. I’m praying through it right now. Should I do it, I certainly will reach out.


  7. Always happy to share what weve learned.

    It’s unlikely to be the right way, but it works for us 🤣😂

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  8. Rainer, you have what I call the “DJ gift. A great podcast for you would be one where you gave the back story about a cool song you like—Christian or secular—and then show the video.

    Thanks for the blogging advice. As I’ve told you before, your site provided a pattern for me to follow when I first started blogging four years ago.

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  9. That’s an awesome idea, David. Thanks for the encouraging word. I do love music and I hope that shows. I’m glad that you found my “formula” worth imitating and making your own. 😉

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  10. Thank you! I am re-energized for the fall

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  11. Jaya Avendel says:

    I so needed this helpful little post today, as I love its reminder that it is perfectly alright to let a blog breathe for a while. 🙂

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  12. I’m glad you found my post helpful, Jaya. Everything in life needs space and time to breathe, including our blogs. 😃

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