Driftwood | A #Blogtober Recovery Post

Even 27 years into my recovery from alcoholism and addictions to drugs and sex, I continue learning new things about recovery. I am frequently reminded of simple truths like “You are where you are to help the one who needs your help.”

I reminisce more about the past than I fret about the future. Yesterday is a nice place to visit but not somewhere you want to stay. We can’t change the past. We can only work toward a better future by doing the right thing today.

Driftwood is wood that washed up on shore. It may be interesting to look at, but it’s dead and useless. You find pieces of it on beaches of a sea, lake, or river. It landed there through winds, tides or waves acting upon it.

Photos provided by Pexels

The past washes onshore like that from time to time. Sure, at first glance, driftwood is intriguing. But, like your past, it’s dead. Yesterday can be a challenge for those of us trying to live a life of recovery today.

Unlike driftwood, recovery takes personal effort. You must be willing to try. Driftwood doesn’t try. It just exists. Driftwood depends on outside factors moving it forward. At first, recovery may feel like a piece of old driftwood. However, unlike driftwood, recovery demands commitment and active participation. You can’t do it alone. You need help. But, you got to ask. You got to want it.

Photos provided by Pexels

Years ago, I made peace with the fact that if it’s possible to be addicted to it, then I could and would be “name-your favorite” addictions huckleberry. I just didn’t ever seem to say no. This earned me the nickname “Froggy.” I was always feeling froggy.

And then, one day, I realized my life had become unmanageable and that I needed help beyond my reach to get out of the pit I had slowly and willingly crawled into through my own best efforts.

At that point, only death or prison lay ahead for my future. Something had to change. The pain of remaining the same proved to be far greater than the pain I associated with change. Live or die. Those were my only options. I chose to live.

By the magnificent grace of God, I got my life back.

You can, too.

My friend—-do you need help?

If you follow my blog, you hopefully know that I strive to deliver posts of substance. Real Stories. Real Life. I strive to write for adults busy adulting. Please feel free to engage with this post in the “Comments” section below.


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Searching for recovery resources? Here are some places to begin your journey.

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  1. Good morning, Rainer. I FaceTimed with my oldest son last night, and he told me his younger brother is at one of those live or die moments. H struggles with mental health and substance abuse issues but has yet to seek the help he needs. Please pray. Thank you, brother.

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  2. Praying, David. Thanks for sharing. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

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  3. Power packed post Rainer.

    Praise God for His redeeming hand.

    And what a godly man He is ever shaping you to be….I love how God never says ‘That’s good enough’, but always draws us to being ever more like Him – until the day when we will get to be with Him.

    Andy B

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  4. kbwinniford says:

    I really like your take on driftwood. I spent many years as driftwood, just existing. This was very powerful to me. Thank you.

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  5. My pleasure! I am glad to hear that my piece connected with you.

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