Remembering the Radically Different Worldview Birthed at Advent

Advent reminds us of the radically different worldview birthed through the Incarnation of Jesus, our Messiah, Lord, and Savior. During Advent, we can look back and remember the significance of what happened on that first Christmas Day. It is also a time that offers us an opportunity to reflect on how we are doing today living the life Christ himself has called us to live.

Jesus Measures Success Differently

Jesus being born in a stable reminds us that God shows up in the lowliest places. The Gospel calls us who follow Christ to live a countercultural existence. We no longer measure success in worldly terms, but instead seek to live selflessly in the service of our neighbors and the neighborhoods that civilized humanity has long abandoned and forgotten.

The Gospel Calls Us to a Different Life

The world would have us avoid suffering, especially pain that is not our own. We are urged to unite with those more like us and let those who are different fend for themselves. However, Jesus calls us to something radically different.

Advent Calendars

Because the date of the First Sunday of Advent varies year to year [usually falling between November 27 and December 3], the majority of current day Advent calendars begin on December 1. This is particularly true of Advent calendars made out of paper or from wood.

A Contemporary Advent Calendar
(image courtesy of Pexels)

Advent Helps Us Recalibrate Our Focus

To live a life pleasing to Christ means reaching out to those who are suffering. To be like Jesus demands we say hello to the stranger and welcome the new neighbor who doesn’t look like us. Advent reminds us that how we count success is radically different now that God has dwelt in the flesh among us. This time of year helps us recalibrate our focus, returning our hearts and minds to the things that God values most and holds in highest regard.

My friend, how will you incorporate the observance of Advent into your life in order to help you focus more on living a life pleasing to Jesus?


Father God, please open our eyes to see others like Jesus sees them. Help us love others as Christ loves us. Give us the grace and strength to live a life committed to You. Draw us near, God. Draw us near.

May the peace of God go with you wherever He leads you. May Jesus serve as your guide as you navigate this complicated and complex world. May your heart remain in awe and wonder of the sheer goodness of God.


Praying God’s best blessing for you in this Advent season.

Rainer Bantau 
The Devotional Guy™



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