Be The Difference You Want To See

Be the difference you want to see. Be loving. Be kind. Be generous. Be forgiving. Be hopeful. Be encouraging. Be steadfast. Be truthful.

So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him. 1 John 4:16(ESV)

As a Christian, I have specific convictions. They may not be convictions you share. As a middle-aged white guy I have habits, hurts, and hang ups that are my own. They are probably different then yours. Maybe they are; maybe they aren’t. We are all different. I believe God, our Creator, made us each to be the unique expression of himself that we are.

I believe we are made in His image and reflect Him in us, through us. You might believe that while we’re different, that’s simply due to genetics and luck of the draw. 

I’m married and straight. You could be single. You might be gay. I’m a fluffy White guy. You might be Asian, Hispanic or Black. You may be a Christian, Muslim, Jew or Buddhist or Hindu. You might be an atheist or all together non-religious. You may think science disproves God or you may know that through science, the work of God is revealed.

Regardless, I will try my best to love you, to treat you with kindness, to extend my hand in forgiveness, and strive to let my words and actions encourage and uplift you. Together, we can be the difference we would like so much to see. But it starts with each of us, individually.

My convictions are not your convictions. I accept you for who you are. Yes, I will pray for you because as a Christian that is what I do. I want you to know what I have come to know: there is a God who loves you so much so that He sent His Son from Heaven to Earth to rescue you and return you to a right standing with Him. But whether or not you accept that truth, know that I will continue to love you and cheer you on with a kind and forgiving heart.

May peace go with you. May God’s goodness shine through you and through me.Be loving. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be encouraging.

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