3 Things I Learned About Blogging from The Devotional Guy (And How They Worked for Me) | A Guest Post

In celebration of publishing my 1,000th blogpost, I am inviting fellow bloggers to write a post that I will feature here on The Devotional Guy™.

First up, is my friend David from David’s Daily Dose.

David describes himself as a regular guy who experienced being tempted to lose all hope, but, by the grace of God, did not. David loves to encourage others. It’s really why he started blogging. On his blog, he shares positive thoughts from a Christian perspective.

I encourage you to go check out his blog, David’s Daily Dose as well as his micro poetry blog, All Haiku.

And now, without any further ado, here is David’s guest post. ENJOY!

3 Things I Learned About Blogging from The Devotional Guy (And How They Worked for Me)

​When I started blogging in 2019, I was as inexperienced as they come. Thankfully, Rainer (RYE-ner), The Devotional Guy, was one of the first experienced bloggers I encountered. His posts about the craft of blogging (he’s been at it ten years) put me light years ahead of where I started.  So, here’s 3 things I learned about blogging from The Devotional Guy, and how they worked for me.

1. How Often Do I Post?

I named my blog davidsdailydose because I envisioned posting every day. However, I quickly realized this wasn’t practicable. But how often should I post? Here’s what I learned from Rainer: post often enough to keep readers engaged with your blog. 

How this worked for me: I found my sweet spot for posting is once a week—most of the time. This keeps my readers engaged but gives me time to create quality content. One thing I would add to Rainer’s advice is this: engagement goes both ways, so make sure you have time for back-and-forth with people who comment on your content. I post on the weekends for this very reason.

2. Create Good Content

Speaking of good content, it’s essential. Okay, what does this look like? The Devotional Guy showed me that quality content equals something only you could write. When you tab or click on one of Rainer’s posts you find a unique story from his own experience, with mostly his own photos, and a clear application to ordinary life. In other words, it’s not a “cookie cutter” creation any dozen fellow Christian bloggers could duplicate. 

How this worked for me: It took some fine tuning, but I found my niche and stuck with it. Again, following Rainer’s example, I write about things that are unique to me. Consequently, My Brilliant Thoughts about Leviticus Chapter 23, is a non-starter idea. This is something anyone can find in a commentary. However, Something Amazing that Happened to Me, and It’s Right Out of Leviticus! Now, that’s better. 

3. Promote Other Bloggers

One thing that endeared me to Rainer right away was his openness to help other bloggers. After reading his blogging tips posts, I emailed him with questions. He answered me that same day, and we ended up speaking via FaceTime (for over an hour) in the weeks ahead. He even featured me, and other newer bloggers, in a post—where he linked back to our sites and encouraged his readers to check out our offerings. I quickly realized that the Christian blogging community is a tight knit group where people help one another. 

How this worked for me: Like the Bible says, “A man who has friends must show himself to be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”—Proverbs 18:24 (NKJV) It’s taken me over three years to find 470 (ish) followers, but it’s the relationships I’ve made with 40 (ish) of them that mean the most. Promoting other bloggers may not bring you, or them, scads of new followers, but it’s a great way to build bridges with other believers. 

So, there it is. Thanks, Rainer, for all your helpful blogging support and advice. I’m paying it forward, brother!

Community is one of the best unexpected side effects of blogging. I’m honored that David would share his kind words and encouragement here on The Devotional Guy™. I’m grateful that the Lord would give me any wisdom that others might glean and apply in their creative endeavors.

If you’re interested in guest blogging, please let me know in the COMMENTS below.

I hope you enjoyed reading David’s post. David—thank you, my brother—for sharing your talents on The Devotional Guy™.

Happy blogging!

The Devotional Guy™


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  1. You’ve been as kind and helpful to me as bloggers come, Rainer. Thank you for helping jumpstart my writing adventure. I’m now up to post 220 something! It’s an honor to share a guest post on your site. Thank you for the opportunity. God’s best to you and Sweet T.

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  2. Brother, I am more than happy to know that I’ve been of help to you along your journey. It’s an honor to help another person whether it’s through helping them meet a physical need (like food) or helping them grow in a creative endeavor (like blogging). God bless.

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  3. Two great bloggers in one post?


    Andy B

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  4. Do you want a guest post from me?

    My Andy B 2 Minute Videos are on pause fo this week, so I have some free headspace 😁

    Andy B

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  5. Yes! That would be awesome.


  6. I just emailed you.


  7. We spare no expense 😁

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  8. Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. My pleasure. Thank you for reading.

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