Writing is Cathartic

Releasing words on paper is liberating. Writing is cathartic. Something is purifying and intense about letting the screams inside your heart escape your head. Relief washes over you with each letter pounded out from the plastic keys of your laptop. You are not creating as much as you are freeing you that has been created.

Sentences bleed from your fingertips like fire breathing dragons finding their prey. Your hands fly across the keyboard, jotting down thoughts swirling in your mind. You try to stop, but cannot. Your survival instincts kick in. You do what you need today.


Life halts for no one. One existence begins as others end. The clock keeps on ticking. The moment you have is brief. It’s your dime. Be intentional how you spend it.

Guarded and isolated is no way to live. Open up. Let people in. It is hard, but the payoff is grand. Keep on fighting the good fight brother. Put one foot in front of the other. It will be time well spent.

There is life beyond the here and now, even if you cannot see it from where you are standing in this moment. Walk out of the darkness and find the light. Keep moving. It works if you work it. Keep fighting. Don’t let life beat you down.

Recognizing there is a problem is the beginning of a new adventure. Give it all you got until you got nothing left to give. Life is a journey, not your final destination. Don’t lug extra baggage. Let be what you need to let go.

Lay your burdens down my brother. Carry on my wayward friend. God’s got this sister. Seek, and you shall find it. Writing is cathartic. Release and let the words flow.

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