RE:View Bloodline, The Final Season

My caffeine and sugar-filled veins are rushing with adrenaline as I look forward to binging on the 3rd and final season of Netflix’s “Bloodline.” My wife, Sweet T, and I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Season 3, anticipating how the show’s producers, directors, and writers would infuse new twists and turns in the crazy family tale of the Rayburns.

If you’re not familiar with the plot here’s a short summary:

Bloodline is a show first released in 2015 and weaves an intriguing story about a wealthy family in the Florida Keys that carry many deep, dark secrets. The story focuses on a group of siblings who are heirs of a beautiful inn, built by their parents, and that has been in their family for 50 years. While it is their childhood home and filled with many great memories, the family’s deep dark past holds numerous untold tales.

After having watched the first couple of episodes, Sweet T and I are certainly not disappointed by the unnerving plot twists and family conundrums as every central character becomes unhinged. While it is probably not intended as a “spiritual story” or something that is geared to strengthing our faith, Bloodline does an epic job of showing how one little lie leads to another bigger, bolder lie and how the sins of the father infuse themselves into the lives of their offspring, causing them to continually be faced with one bad decision after another.

The show is twisted, tense, and tumultuous. Sit back and hang for a wild ride!

Netflix Bloodline PosterNetflix’s Bloodline Poster courtesy of IMDb TV
Other photos courtesy Pixabay

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