America: We Need More Heroes

Researching potential ideas for a podcast, I stumbled upon a 2020 episode of the “Behind the Song,” a music history podcast hosted by Janda Lane, a popular radio personality at WDRV-FM Chicago.

In each episode of “Behind the Song,” Janda Lane digs deep into the words of classic rock songs and the storytellers who wrote them, unveiling a richer understanding of each song explored in every episode. The episode I found focused on the famous David Bowie song, “Heroes.”

You can check out the “Behind the Song” episode featuring David Bowie’s song “Heroes” here.

Us at Psychedelic Robot, an immersive art experience

During our Staycation, the incomparable, beautiful Mrs. B and I recently saw several movies, all of which we liked and enjoyed. So much so that we saw one of them twice and would consider watching the others again.

All three featured a version of the prototype American hero. “Top Gun: Maverick” revives the heroic Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. “Elvis” goes behind the curtain, delving deep into the life of possibly the most iconic entertainer ever to grace any stage. In “Samaritan,” Sly Stallone portrays an intriguing and reclusive superhuman shouldering the weight of a big, dark secret.

I believe we need more heroes.

Recognizing our differences, a multiparty system exists for balance, not to wage war against one another in hopes of annihilating each other. It’s not supposed to be a competition. Rather, it should be a collaborative working in unison to come up with the best answers and viable solutions to address the needs and issues facing the nation. But, heroes appear to be hard to find these days. Especially, in politics.

Perhaps, it’s not just America who needs heroes. Maybe, our entire world could use a hero to rescue us. What do you think, my dear reader?

Mrs. B and me checking out Robert Plant and Alison Krauss at the Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas last Saturday PM

As I mentioned earlier, I’m doing research for a potential music podcast. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m up to doing a podcast. Maybe, there is a fear that it won’t be relevant. There are already a sea of them out there. Creating quality content is challenging. Admittedly, producing a podcast focused on music is highly appealing to me, given my huge interest and love for music. In addition to recorded music, Terri and I both love checking out live music and exploring different venues featuring musical artists from all genres.

In some ways, these feels a bit surreal. There was a point in my younger years that I aspired to write for Rolling Stone magazine and veejaying at MTV (back when they played music videos). During my initial stint(s) in college I worked in public radio at our university radio station. This exposed me to a wide variety of music, shaping my eclectic taste in a wide variety of musical genres and styles.

Here are links to some previous reviews I wrote and posted here on my blog:

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Do you currently listen to any music podcasts? If so, please share the name of it in the “Comments.” Perhaps, I should just explore writing more about music here on this blog?

What are your thoughts?

I suppose the only way you know is to try. As for me, right now I am focused on learning more about visual arts and getting better at drawing.

Happy Labor Day!

The Devotional Guy™

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  1. It sounds like you have the skills to create a great music centered podcast, Rainer. The fact that lots of others already do this shouldn’t deter you. Creating quality content matters most. But do you have the time in your busy schedule to dedicate to this? Blessings, brother.

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  2. Thanks, David for your encouragement and for your wisdom.

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  3. There is a blog I follow (, in which some of her post, Gail will reflect on old hymns. To be honest, I don’t faithfully listen to podcasts. But I have a few saved on my list. One is “That Sounds Fun” by Annie F. Downs. She lives in Nashville, so she will sometimes have musicians on as guests.

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  4. “That Sounds Fun” sounds like a fun podcast 😁. Thanks for these insights. I’m kinda like you —I have a couple of podcasts I try to follow but I’m not really consistent. I’m really honed in on learning to draw ✍️ so much of my extra time goes towards that endeavor.

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  5. I love ❤️ podcasts , however most of them are true crime.

    The world definitely needs more heros who love God & love others.

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  6. I like true crime, too but mostly in book or film form. What true crime podcasts do you recommend?
    Agreed. We need heroes.


  7. Robert Plant…WHAT a voice.

    I stumbled across him one day…i was in a short term job at a supermarket, and he came through for his milk and bread…that was a rather surreal moment!

    nice chap

    Andy B

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  8. Awesome! Yeah, incredible voice.

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  9. No Quarter was a fantastic album with some truly amazing sounds from instruments i’d only heard of by name before

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  10. and I am now playing No Quarter via Spotify while I work

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  11. Funny how that works…

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  12. isn’t it just!

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  13. might have to seek out some David Bowie afterwrads, too!

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  14. Anchor is a free app tool for podcasts – super easy and then it gets picked up for all podcast outlets – I have done one for years. I think a music podcast would be great! Let us know when you start.

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  15. Awesome! Thanks for this my friend. And thanks for the encouragement, too. Blessings 🙏

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  16. Jesus is my Hero! I really don’t need any more.

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  17. Ranier, your imagination and creativity is ongoing. Best wishes with where these take you. As for heroes, we can always use more positive role models for our youth to look up to.

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  18. Thank you! Yes, I hope to continue to develop my imagination and creativity in this season of my life and along this trek of the river.


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