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This week as Operation Christmas Child’s National Collection Week kicked off, I’ve been reminded a lot of my late friend Mark Jones. This is our second season without him here to come by and marvel at the progress we’re making and celebrate the goodness of our God. During the week, as the brown cartons loaded with shoebox gifts gradually filled up Room 301, Mark would pray over them with us. At the end of the Collection Week, he’d find Sweet T and I and take our picture standing in front of a pup trailer filled to the brim with thousands of shoebox gifts, once again celebrating what our God had done.

Devo Guy OCC 2018

This 2018 OCC National Collection Week has already been a tremendous blessing. We’ve rejoiced in seeing old friends who faithfully bring boxes to our home church, Trinity Bible Richardson. Sweet T and I are overwhelmed with joy as we see the new faces, many of them young children walking in their love-filled shoebox gifts with their mom or dad for the very first time. The kids are beaming, as are the parents. The hallway fills with God’s radiant love, connecting each of us with the other.

During the time we knew him, Mark taught us that we each have a lot of reasons to sing God’s praises, no matter our current circumstance or present situation. Sure, life can be difficult, but the Lord is great even when we find ourselves at our worst. Mark truly made worship a lifestyle. I see his smile and hear his voice even though he’s gone to be with the Lord, likely leading worship in Heaven, just as he did here on Earth. There are so many things I wish he were here to see. The fruits of this ministry that Sweet T and I are blessed to experience daily during this wonderful week being foremost among them. You can’t foresee how the seeds you plant will grow but you can remain confident that with God all things are possible. God truly is good all the time and all the time He is good! Exceedingly. Abundantly. Beyond all measure.

Praise God, praise God, praise God.

#ipackedashoebox #OCC2018 #GodisGoodAlltheTime!

Learn more about Operation Christmas Child here!


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