Sunday Prayer |Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time when we as a nation commemorate those who gave their all on the battlefield, making the ultimate sacrifice so that we could experience abundant freedoms like no other people have enjoyed before in history.  We have much to be thankful and grateful for, even if it seems like we are living in a time filled with blusterous rhetoric and vitriolic laments. To be sure, our world is not perfect. And yes, there is a lot that remains to be done.

But, we live in a time of immense and unprecedented freedom.

What we choose to do with that freedom is our responsibility. We are, after all, accountable for the decisions we make. Throughout our nation’s history, countless men and women have considered our freedom worth dying for. Let’s hope we honor their sacrifice with wisdom equal to the valor with which they lived and died.

What is the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?


Father God, Lord Almighty, thank You for the freedom You have granted us to decide and choose how we live. We are grateful, O Heavenly Father, for the sacrifice of the men and women who gave their lives so that we might live. We are thankful also, Father, for Your Son, Jesus Christ, who also made the ultimate sacrifice so that all who believe in Him might enjoy abundant eternal life. You, O God, are the source and provider of ultimate freedom. Thank You, for all those who served and gave their lives. We lift up their memories and their families to You, O Lord, with gratitude and humility, honoring the valiant men and women who gave their all. Amen.



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