Sunday Prayer | Things That Distract Me From God

Sitting outside on the patio, drinking my morning coffee, I prepare myself for prayer time. A tiny gnat, likely kin to the No-See-Um family, is buzzing around my head, safely hidden in my blind spot. It’s super annoying and highly distracting. Breathe.

During my morning prayer time I have been utilizing an app to help guide my time with the Lord. I am using it to improve and increase my focus. One recent morning the app prompted me the following way:

The YouVersion Bible app

My thoughts take my attention off God. Think about that for a moment as you let it sink in. Do you find your mind wandering or racing around as you try to sit in the presence of God? I know that at times I certainly do.

Some mornings my brain is sluggish. Other mornings, it seems like my mind has been running all night long. I have to still myself; breathing, focusing, centering.

Close your eyes. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Take a deep breathe.”

“Yes, Holy Spirit. Yes.”

I follow the prompting of the Spirit, listening as I lean into my conversation with God.

What’s on your mind?

“Whew. What’s not?” I pause. Do I have any reason to worry? If not, why am I anxious? Just breathe.

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.

“Yes, Jesus. Yes, I can do that. I can rest in You. I will abide in You, Lord. I will abide.”

Come, dwell in my presence. Release your thoughts, your worries, and your concerns. Simply rest in Me. Sit in My presence.

I breathe, deep and slow, as I dwell in the Lord’s presence, communing with the Spirit and my Savior. I am grateful for my time being with my Rock and Redeemer this morning. I am thankful for the Lord’s abundant blessings beyond all measure and exceeding any human expectations. Help me remember, Lord, it’s about pleasing You; not performing for human entities. Let me do what I do for You. May I live a life pleasing to You, my God. Give me peace and give me wisdom to accept those things I cannot change and to change those things I can. Help me recognize the difference. I love You, Lord. I love You.

Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.

Deuteronomy 6:4

What are some things that distract you from God?

I pray all is well with you and yours.


The Devotional Guy™

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  1. Alan Kearns says:

    Distractions are hard work Rainer! My morning begins with feeding the cat and taking my medication (see the order I am under there?) It is only then I try to settle down to prayer, and “ping!” my mind goes on overdrive! Sometimes I read a verse to refocus myself and pray it directly. May God bless you brother.

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  2. Alan, our cat menagerie usually gets first dibs, too. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Blessings!

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  3. Most of the time I feel relaxed in my fellowship with God. Like you, I’ve maintained a daily quiet time for many years now.

    But when I’m under stress, having some of those difficult conversations you mentioned in another post, THAT’S when it gets hard! It is then that I find it hard to focus on anything but the seemly overwhelming problem.

    This is when I know I need to do what Jesus did—slip away for a little while to a quiet place to commune with God and refresh.

    Thank you for your pastor’s heart. God Bless!

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  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, David. Yes, we all need a quiet place where we can slip away so we can focus fully on our time with the Lord when we become overwhelmed.

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  5. Beth Alisan says:

    That’s a great question Rainer and one I reflected on as I walked Adi this morning. For me, I find that simply being in the house is the greatest distraction to prayer time because I can so easily look up and see all that needs done staring back at me. As soon as I get outside whether sitting on the deck enjoying the sights and sounds of nature or walking Adi or working in the garden I find that my dialogue with the Lord is much more focused and fruitful, and it is much easier to silence my thoughts and listen to what the Lord is saying.

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  6. Great insights, Beth. Thanks for sharing! Blessings.

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