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The other night, I couldn’t sleep. Ever have one of those nights? A lot of thoughts and ideas were running through my mind. I couldn’t get my brain to shut off. I tried. And I tried some more. Nothing worked. My brain was revved up with nowhere to go. So at 2:16 am, two hours before I normally wake up, I decide to quit tossing and turning and get up.

Mixed in with a dreamy concoction of concerns about work, my mom, and life in general, was the idea that fellow Christian bloggers needed to form a network to support each other’s blogs.

Recently, through conversations with several fellow Christian bloggers, God made it clear to me that growing the community of Christian bloggers is something worth pursuing.

Blogging is hard. It’s harder when you do it alone. This is exponentially more true for niche bloggers and even more true for bloggers of the Christian faith.

We need a Christian Blogger Support Network to encourage one another, to share ideas, to provide guest post opportunities, and to help promote each other’s blogs. One way we can do that is to build a stronger blogging community for fellow Christian bloggers.

I think it requires interacting with each other’s blogs. It would also demand that we respect some of our theological and doctrinal differences. That can be tricky. But, I believe it is doable.

What say you? Want to give it a try?

What are Some of Your Favorite Christian Blogs?

Here are 5 of my favorite Christian blogs (not in any particular order):

1. Mitch Teemley

2. The Christian Tech-Nerd

3. David’s Daily Dose

4. Ken’s Christian Devotions

5. Lessons from a Lab

Let’s support one another by helping get the word out about each other’s blogs. Blogging is hard. Community makes it easier.


The Devotional Guy™


  1. I like your inspirational ideas Rainer! There are already groups/websites like this available, one of which is
    I saw a post on Google recently about blog linking which caught my attention, but it needed some research. I think that we and our brethren on WordPress do a good job in supporting one another, but you are right in pointing out we could do more to spread the Word. My concern about such services as the example I share above that they become exclusive clubs where Christians hang out, and the Good News doesn’t reach the lost. I will happily do my bit by including a post soon of bloggers I recommend, the first of many posts. Finally, I would invite you to consider submitting a guest post to my Lord’s Day guest slot. God bless you and your lovely wife brother.

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  2. Thank you for the mention, Rainer! I think I told you this, but your blog was a template for me to follow when I started my site three years ago. There are a few bloggers on your list that I don’t follow. I will check out these folks in the near future. One guy I really enjoy is Chris Hendrix of Devotions by Chris. He is a Christian corporate trainer and student of leadership who always puts out great content. Blessings, my brother!

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  3. Wow Rainer! I am quite humbled to find my blog listed as among your favorites. Your advice and tips have had a significant impact on the way I approach blogging both as a writer and as a reader. When I began this journey 2 years ago, I was doing it to make my lessons more accessible to people Adi and I meet in our walk through life. I never expected to find such an incredible community of writers, photographers, and crafters who have encouraged and inspired me. Even more importantly I never realized how blogging would connect me to my brothers and sisters in Christ across the nation and around the world. What a privilege it is to pray for them.

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  4. Thank you for your wonderful recommendation to connect, link and support more Christian bloggers. Besides your encouraging blog, I like God Still Speaks, All You Need is Jesus, Becoming His Tapestry, Impacting Righteously and Pure Glory–all on WordPress.

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  5. Alan-thank you so much for this wonderful compliment. I am humbled and honored that you think enough of my blog to give me a shout out. Praying you have an excellent weekend.


  6. Thanks for the recommendations. I agree. Everything is easier with community. I follow a few Christian bloggers but can’t think of any that stand out. But I will be following your list of recommendations. Thanks!!

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  7. Katherine, first thank you for reading, commenting, and following my blog, The Devotional Guy™. Since publishing this post, I’ve been told there are a number of groups and sites that already exist to help promote Christian blogs. My desire is to encourage each other to do exactly what you did today as well as telling others about the Christian blogs we read and enjoy. This, hopefully, will help grow our community. Thank you so much for engaging today. It means the world to me. Blessings.

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  8. What a beautiful comment to look at today. Made my day. Great to know of such wonderful people that are available on this platform. I’m so grateful to have come by this post and getting to know each of you. Will need your blessings and encouragement to continue my own journey and be someone who can cheer you on too. Blessings to you Beth.

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  9. Ranier, I appreciate your devotion for other Christian bloggers. When I first arrived on the WP landscape, I really had no idea about the depth of faith-inspired writers. I have been blessed to meet several through their consistent witness.

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  10. I love this idea! We must edify each other! I’ve only just launched mine and am still trying to make it more navigationally friendly, but I am looking forward to reading and following more Christian-blogger content! Thank you for being here! 😊

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  11. Good evening. I found your blog few minutes ago via Vanessa Cuenca’s post and I’ve been glued to it since then. I definitely would be back. God bless you for yielding to His nodging to create a Christian blogger community.
    More Grace to the good work 🤗

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  12. I’ve only been blogging for a year, but you are right about how hard it is. I have been reading through yours when I came across this post. I think the support group is a great idea. Please include me as you set it up. My blog is at

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  13. Thanks for reading, Chris. I am still working through what that looks like, but will certainly include you and your blog. I think one easy way that what can support each other is by reading and engaging with fellow Christian bloggers.


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