Immersing Yourself in the Blogosphere

God created us for fellowship, not isolation. This is true for those of us blogging in the global community. At its best, the blogosphere is a place for fellowship. At its worst, it can be a harbinger for discord, division, and disunity.

I recommend that if you want to grow your blog and develop your blogging skills that you immerse yourself in the community that the blogosphere provides. It can be a genuine place for healthy fellowship.

How do you immerse yourself in the blogosphere?

It’s pretty simple actually. Let’s say a reader comments on your blog. What do you do? You reply. But don’t stop there. Go visit their blog and read some of their posts. If possible, comment on one of their posts.

When I get a new follower, I write a note to myself to remind me to go visit their blog, if I don’t do it right then and there. Perhaps, I follow them in return. I at least browse through their posts and like any post that appeals to me or aligns with my niche.

Another way to get immersed is to connect with bloggers in real time leveraging Zoom or FaceTime. I did this just this very afternoon with fellow blogger David Duncan, who blogs at David’s Daily Dose. If they are local, you might even meet them for coffee.

One area I’m working on, like guest preaching (have Bible will travel), is guest posting. Giving each other space on our blogs can also lead to greater community and encourage collaboration.

These are just a few ways to immerse yourself in the blogosphere and take advantage of the community of fellowship that awaits you.

Happy blogging!

The Devotional Guy™

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  1. I enjoyed our visit via FaceTime today, brother. You talk just like you write—straight forward and from the heart. Attention readers: Rainer even took a couple of sips from one of his famous coffee cups!

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  2. lisapatb says:

    Hi Rainer, yes, blogging is about being part of a community. I’ve met wonderful people over the past 10 years and several in-person and formed many friendships. Most bloggers are also willing to help out sharing your content, writing for you, and inviting you to write for them. It’s a great way to network with others and form new friendships over time.

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  3. That’s good stuff, Lisa. Thanks for sharing your insights.

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  4. I know bloggers who don’t interact much with other bloggers and they are often frustrated that nobody reads their posts. I’ve tried encouraging them to like, comment and reblog the work of others, but so far they have not taken my advice.

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  5. I agree! If we want others to engage with us we must be willing to engage with them. Hard to get to know your neighbors otherwise.

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