#Blogtober | 3 Ways to Love Your Wife Better

I have been recently encouraged by my blogging friend Jim who you can find blogging at Fit Recovery when he’s not cycling, spending time with his wife, or working on his recovery. Lately, he’s been intertwining stories about working on his marriage into his posts. He is learning how to love his wife well in this new season of life that they find themselves in.

As we are growing older together, Terri and I recognize that like the changing color of the leaves on the trees (well, we see it more in pictures than in reality—life in Texas) marking the change of season, we are in a different season of life as well. It’s good to be able to recognize it, but this heightened awareness ushers in new opportunities and challenges.

Men, in today’s post, I want to share 3 ways to love your wife better as you get older. So, this probably isn’t for you young newlyweds, but the principles still apply. It’s simple stuff, mostly. It’s easy to do. It’s also easy to overlook and fail to do. Often, marriage is more about doing the basics well consistently than it is about the doing the spectacular occasionally.

I love us. I love my wife. I believe she is more beautiful today than ever.

My beautiful Terri
Us in Church, October 2022

3 Ways to Love Your Wife Better As You Get Older

1. Do things that she’s interested in. I love to spend time with Terri. She’s my favorite human. She’s supportive and encouraging. I am an only child. I can get all wrapped up in me. So, I am trying to be more intentional about making sure we do things she wants to do, instead of just doing those things that interest me.

2. Remember to date her. We make time for those things—and the people—who matter to us most. Make time, even if you have to put it on a calendar, to go on dates regularly. How often? As often as you can—weekly at least—daily if possible. My in-laws go out to eat together every day. It’s their thing that they do daily. It’s cool to watch.

3. Hold hands. Terri and I were watching her folks walking across the street to check on our neighbor. The two of them were holding hands. It melted both our hearts. Holding Terri’s hand whether we are walking together or worshipping in church, speaks to her heart. It’s a basic, simple thing that I can do to let her know she’s loved.

My friends, these are 3 simple things you can do to love your wife better as you get older.

What are some suggestions about keeping love alive as we grow older that you can share with us?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. Thank you, brother. Your three things are good ones. Nancy and I celebrated our twentieth anniversary recently.

    Here’s my growing older in marriage tip: care about the things you’re spouse cares about. This is similar to “Do the things they like to do.” For instance, Nancy likes you keep the house clean and uncluttered. I have a bit lower standards in this regard. Loving my wife well means I pick up after myself and help keep house—especially in the kitchen.

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  2. Amen, David. That’s a good tip. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Brilliant!

    My grandparents told us to live together, eat together, play together, work together, walk together, sleep together, cook together…

    You get the idea

    I’d only add that we need to do it all deliberately, and on purpose!

    Be intentional!

    Andy B

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