Who Do You Say I Am?

“Frankly, it’s hard to escape the feeling that our culture has taken Jesus’ question `Who do you say that I am?’ and changed it to `Who do you want me to be?” —Robert J. Bowman & J. Ed Komoszewski, Putting Jesus In His Place (Kregel 2007)

Take care not to confuse who you want God to be with who God is. We live in a culture that wants to be free to define God. We try to make God fit our image of who and what we want him to be. God’s already revealed Himself to us. God has defined himself. God has said “I Am that I Am”. 

We want to dictate what God accepts when God’s Word tells us.

We want to tell God what’s important. He’s told us what our priorities should be. 

We want God to do our bidding according to our will. Newsflash! God’s got a will and a plan of His own. He alone will determine what he does and doesn’t do. 

Some are offended with God and want nothing to do with him because of who he says he is and what he has revealed to us about what is good, pleasing and acceptable to him. They want nothing to do with God. 

Fortunately, God isn’t as easily deterred as we are. We have all offended him severely. Yet, He pursues an intimate, personal relationship with us. How wild is that? God went so far as to pick up the tab for our debt; a debt we earned and a debt we owed. Who would you do that for?  Anyone? God paid for our sin in full. All of it. Not because we deserved it. Not because we earned it. Not because we wanted it. But because he wanted us to be in right relationship with him. He doesn’t need us. God is completely satisfied in and of himself. He wants us. He desires to have a relationship with us. Mind-boggling, right? 

Maybe you don’t understand. Maybe you don’t know where to start. That’s ok. Just ask Him to help you. Be willing to let go and let Him take charge of your life. He wants to help you. He loves you. Yes, it’s as simple as that. He loves you. He wants you. 

So you can keep trying to mold a god to your own liking if you want. Or…you can come to terms with the God Who Is. What will you decide to do? Who do you say God is?

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