Blogging During a Crisis | One Blogger’s Perspective

Welcome to The COVID-19 Devotionals | Day xx

So what does blogging during a crisis look like?

What is a blog?

I define a blog as an online site offering insights and information on a wide array of topics. Blogs chronicle events happening in the lives of individuals, communities, and around the globe. They can also be used as marketing tools to heighten awareness of company products and services.

Blogs cover a broad spectrum of interests to a diverse audience. Some blogs focus on niche or specialty topic like politics, faith, recovery, mental health, health, fashion, and food.

When something like the COVID-19 pandemic occurs, bloggers have the opportunity to create content relative to the crisis by honing their posts to fit the crisis looming over the lives of their followers.

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How to Use Your Blog for Good Amid a Crisis

Words have power. Blogs can communicate hope, shine light, and encourage readers. Bloggers can disseminate information relevant to what’s happening with the crisis or provide tips on persevering through a troubling, difficult time. A blog can help people navigate the murky waters of a crisis successfully and overcome the fear of the many uncertainties and unknowns associated with a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Bloggers can also be a source of welcome distraction and blogs can serve as a means of helping readers laugh and experience joy while enduring hardships.

How Has COVID-19 Influenced Your Blog Content?

Once our local officials declared a state of emergency and ordered people to stay at home and essentially shelter in place, I decided it might be fun to chronicle my personal experiences during the crisis. Since my blog is a niche blog focusing on living life as a 21st century Christian, sharing my faith and Christian perspectives amid the crisis is a natural part of my daily online conversation about my COVID-19 experience.

In addition to sharing my personal experiences, I am offering helpful Scriptures and other aids to help people during this super challenging moment in world history. Again, my blog is very faith-centered, so creating content focusing on faith is part of speaking with an authentic voice as a Christian blogger.

You can use your blog to make a difference in the lives of your readers by speaking about your experiences and through sharing your insights surrounding this crazy time. You can adapt your blog to focus on COVID-19 or provide a moment of levity. You can serve as a beacon of hope or a voice of encouragement to those who follow your blog.

Speak in your on voice and share your own vision. Stay true to who you are as you explore ways that your blog can participate in the online conversation about this unthinkable crisis.


Life in 2020 is proving to be marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and carries with it a huge amount of uncertainty. For me, during these unusual times, my Christian faith serves as an anchor keeping me firmly grounded.

Terri and I continue to pray for you as you persevere through the global crisis caused by COVID-19.

Stay healthy. Be safe. Keep the faith.

The Devotional Guy™





ABOUT: The Devotional Guy™is a writing ministry of longtime blogger Rainer Bantau,  a chaplain actively and intentionally sharing the love of Jesus with people working in the marketplace, the homeless, and wherever else he encounters them.






  1. Thank you for this wonderful encouragement! ♥

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  2. You’re welcome. I appreciate you taking time to read my post.

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