The Devotional Guy™ | A Blogger’s Retrospective

After reflecting on my blog a bit and navigating the way forward, I decided to capture a set of posts and collate them for ease. Perhaps you are a longtime friend and reader of The Devotional Guy™, or maybe, you’re new here and wondering what this blog is all about and where you should begin. Sometimes, as you travel ahead, it’s helpful to glimpse in the rearview and get a peak of what you’re leaving behind.

Since this blog’s inception in late 2013, I’ve typed nearly 500,000 words and published over 850 posts.

The Devotional Guy™ is a Christian blog. By sharing a Christian perspective, my intent is to encourage, engage, and enrich souls. My hope is you will find posts that are helpful and inspirational, fueled by love, and filled with truth. I try and talk about real life situations here and examine how God helped get me through them. Once you read a few posts, you’ll learn about my battles with addiction. You’ll hear about my encounters with people as I share about preaching God’s Word and my experiences serving as a leader. Sprinkled among this blog’s ingredients is the occasional story about one of our furry family members. It’s an eclectic recipe aimed at helping you grow in your walk with God.

Here are a few all-time favorites that folks like to read:

Finding Hope In A World of I Don’t Care

Celebrating the Truest Freedom in a Post COVID-19 World

Sunday Prayer | A Prayer for Unity

Wednesday Wisdom | Worship God with Thankfulness

Psalm 25 | Seeking God During Difficult Times

Sunday Morning Prayer | Pursuing Excellence

Psalm 44: A Psalm of National Lament

I’ve learned a lot about blogging over the years. I’d like to think my posts today are better than the ones I wrote in the beginning. Sometimes, I like to share what I’ve learned with my fellow bloggers. Here are a few posts that focus on the blogging experience:

Stretching the Boundaries of Your Blog’s Niche

My Saturday Evening Post | Keys to Improving Your Blogging Experience

Sharing is Caring: 5 Faith Blogs I Follow

Blogging Isn’t All PJs and Coffee

How Do You Grow Your Blog?

So This Happened Last Night…

Blogging During a Crisis

Last but not least, here are a few of my favorite posts from the past:

The Next Stop

Why Are People Homeless?

My Monday Morning Cup | Lessons I Learned from my Dad

3 Things Pastor Mark Jones Taught Me

Day 8339: Continuing to Face the Challenges of Living Life in Recovery

Being an Emotionally Healthy Leader

Coffee, Cops, Criminals, and Blogging

Well, I believe that will get you started or help you reminisce. I’m glad you’re here and I pray you’ll keep coming back. They say it works if you work it. When it comes to blogging, readers and followers make all the difference. So come on in and sit a spell.


The Devotional Guy™

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  1. Thanks, brother. I am off work this week and will certainly peruse your offerings. Blessings!

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