Stretching the Boundaries of Your Blog’s Niche

Habits start with routines. Watch someone who smokes. There are steps. Deliberate things they must do to hit that first drag. Before you tap the publish button on your next post there are numerous steps that you’ll take.

Like anything you strive to do, let alone be good at, blogging requires effort. Posts require planning. In between posts, you are formulating what you are going to write about next. Writing your post means scheduling and setting aside the time to complete it. Your noodling continues until you finish and schedule your post to be published. And, truthfully, even afterwards. A writers work is never done.

One cool advantage of blogging is that you are free to write about whatever you want to write about, even if you have a niche blog. Yes, your niche topic should shape your primary content. However, that doesn’t mean you are limited in how you communicate and express your niche ideas. Don’t be afraid to approach your writing from different angles or perspectives.

Having a niche doesn’t mean you are confined to blogging about your primary topic. Be attentive to opportunities allowing you to stretch the boundaries of your blog to create a personalized blogosphere space that is a rich, deep, and broad mosaic.

For instance, faith and spiritually are the primary engines driving the majority of my content. My blog explores what it’s like to live by faith in the 21st century. I create posts that examine Scripture, offer prayers, and share my spiritual journey. I also write about addiction recovery and helping the homeless because I am a recovering addict and I minister to the homeless people living on the streets of Dallas. Faith is a theme that is woven into my posts that focus on a different main subject.

Naturally, the COVID 19 pandemic impacted my life as it did yours. At the beginning of the global crisis I started a daily devotional series called The COVID-19 Devotionals to offer hope and inspiration during a difficult time. This provided me an opportunity to broaden my reading audience by stretching the boundaries of my blog.

Your blog is your creative space. It is your platform for communicating ideas, sharing experiences, and cultivating community. My encouragement to you, my dear blogger, is to experiment and venture outside the box. Don’t be afraid to fail. If something doesn’t work you can always hit “delete.”

Thank you to all those bloggers who take time to comment and drop a word of encouragement in the comments section of each post. I am excited to see the audience for this blog continually growing. I am grateful for you doing your part by getting the word out and sharing my blog with your family, friends, and neighbors.

My the Lord shine His favor on you in the upcoming week.

Happy Blogging!

The Devotional Guy™

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  1. Blessings to you! Yes, when I started blogging, I didn’t know what I was doing. I wanted to do it
    “right”. I wanted to do this for other people. Then I realized I just needed to be myself. Do it for me to learn and grow. I hope as I adjust and readjust my focus, I can have some impact on others in a positive way, as well as continuing to gain personal growth and increased knowledge. It is a rewarding journey! Thank you for sharing your thoughts 😊

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  2. Alan Kearns says:

    Thank you brother for a very thoughtful and challenging post on the blogging experience.

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  3. Thank you for reading @lisaonthebeach and for sharing your insights. I agree that we are on a rewarding journey.

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  4. I appreciate you reading brother and taking time to engage and comment. I’m glad this post resonated with you.

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  5. Beth Alisan says:

    Rainer, this is a very timely post. Both my brother and college age niece have made a similar suggestions in something to try with my Lessons from a Lab. It would certainly stretch me outside of my comfort zone. I promised my niece I’d give it a try over the summer months, so I needed to hear your words “My encouragement to you, my dear blogger, is to experiment and venture outside the box. Don’t be afraid to fail. If something doesn’t work you can always hit “delete.” On another note, the picture of you and Terry is absolutely wonderful. I hope it is one you have printed and framed. Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend!

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  6. Thanks so much for the great suggestion about getting the picture of Terri and I framed. We both agree with you that it’s a pretty neat picture. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous that evening. I am elated to know that this post hit the spot just at the right time for you Beth. I look forward to seeing how it comes to reality in your writing this summer. Blessings!

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  7. Thanks, Rainer. I always walk away with something helpful from your posts. Today, I appreciate how you said it’s ok to stretch the boundaries of your writing niche. I stay pretty close to the life story (modern day parable) approach, but would like to branch out a bit this summer. Thank you for your faithfulness in ministry. Blessings!

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  8. I am incredibly grateful for your words of encouragement David and happy to know that today’s post might serve to expand your blogging adventure in the near future. Thank you for continuing to be a faithful and engaging reader.

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  9. usfman says:

    I think you had a good idea to expand what you write about beyond your religious passions.

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  10. lisapatb says:

    Hi Rainer, I love stretching the niche of my blog as well. After 10 years it gets harder to write about the same stuff even though a lot of things change in my niche. I also update old blog posts which the Google Gods love (lol).
    I think when we go outside our niche we explore more of who we are and what we can contribute to the community.
    I know many “experts” believe in sticking to a niche but I like going outside that box from time to time!

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  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lisa. I think it’s healthy to push out of the box while still being mindful of our followers who are visiting our blogs expecting a certain something or other (lol).

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  12. Very strong writing on this one Rainer. Enjoyed the authentic voice. What is it that you were holding up in that picture with the TM symbol?

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  13. Thank you for reading and your encouraging words Sophia! I’m holding a coffee mug in the photo.


  14. I thought i saw a book with your blog title and TM…that’s what I wanted to know more about…is it a note book with a custom cover designed?

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  15. No, it’s just a photo. I’m not sure about the book.


  16. No problem. All the best for life’s journey ahead. Please stay in touch now that we’ve connected. Like the Bible say’s there’s always a reason for everything under the sun and a time for everything. I believe nothing happens by chance. May this connection bear fruit as the Lord leads us.

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  17. Great insight and thank you for the oh so true notes about expanding the niche. I’ve tried to balance what I know my audience wants and what they ‘ought’ to know lol. I appreciate your thoughtful passion for writing. Blessings to you. ~Torrie

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  18. Thank you for reading and commenting Torrie!


  19. I currently have about 10 draft posts in process. Am I the only one that does this?

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  20. I keep a half dozen or so posts in my draft box. Some make it to “air” while others get dumped after a period of time. Sometimes I get an idea and simply create a draft to help remind me later. Thanks for reading!

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