Two: Modern Psalm

Last Sunday, I introduced the first modern psalm I had written.

In the Bible, the book of Psalms is a rich literary offering touching on every aspect of what it means to be human while revealing to us our relationship with God. Psalms teaches us that God is kind and merciful and cares deeply about His creation and loves us deeply.

Today, I want to share with you my next offering. I pray that its words echo within you, resonate with your heart, and connect with your soul.

Hallelujah and Amen.

The Devotional Guy™

Two: Modern Psalm

1 Nations what will you do amidst this uncertainty and calamity?

2 Sheiks and princes, kings and dictators, presidents and prime ministers —why do you trust in your own abilities rather than seeking the wise counsel of the Lord?

3 Do you not know that it is He who created the world and reigns from on high ruling over all of heaven and earth?

4 Since ancient days we know that the fear of the Lord, our one true God, is the beginning of knowledge. 5 His wisdom abounds. His teaching equips. 6 With God on our side nothing shall prevail against us. 7 Wickedness will not be victorious for the Darkness can not overwhelm us.

8 Come, Lord Jesus, come.

9 We yearn for your return. We watch and we wait, our anticipation abounding. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

10 We listen for the sound signaling the ushering in of a new Kingdom—a new Heaven and a new Earth. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

11 We await Your coming back, our precious Lord and Savior, for then every head and knee will bow in mighty worship of You, O Holy One!

12 Come, Lord Jesus, come.

I pray that this week’s modern psalm, along with last week’s psalm, bless you in a unique, beautiful way. I pray that they speak to your heart and that they encourage you. The human condition, as well as the human position, is one we all grapple to grasp fully. I believe we take our first breath wondering about who God is and how we connect with Him and that this is a life long journey, filled with ups and downs, along with some twists and turns. Through it all, God remains steadfast and faithful. We can trust the Lord because He is trustworthy.

May the Lord shine kindness on you. Know you are loved.

Blessings and favor,

The Devotional Guy™

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  1. Rainer, yours is the second post I’ve read, in the past five minutes, that says we all face the same human condition. Given, some of our circumstances are better or worse than those of others. Yet we are all sinners in need of a savior. Thank God there’s an “app” for that–Jesus! Have a blessed Sunday, brother.

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  2. Good morning, David. Thank you for reading and your continuing encouragement. Praise God for His goodness and mercy! Happy Sunday to you and your family as well.

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  3. I especially love the prayers at the end.

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  4. Thank you! I appreciate you taking time to read.


  5. Beth Alisan says:

    Wow Rainer! I just finished an Anne Graham Lotz Bible study of the the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25. Waiting, watching, and being prepared for the Bridegroom’s arrival were the keys, thus verses 8, 9, 10 resonate loudly.

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  6. Thank you, Beth! I am grateful that these verses in particular resonated with you.

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